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Episode 44: AC Carter and Matt Jalbert of Tauk

Sept. 13, 2017

One of the things I love most about The Sound Podcast is the really wide and diverse music we get to listen to, and talking to the artists who share their craft with us. Such is the case with Tauk a quartet from New York who mix all kinds of genres for explosive sometimes hard hitting instrumental …

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Episode 42: Justin Reckamp of Mungion

Aug. 30, 2017

We were all set to talk with Mungion last week but unfortunately something went horribly wrong for them, so we had to reschedule. Their entire van and trailer were stolen in Detroit just before they were set to head cross country for their first headlining tour. Wisely, they’ve started a GoFundMe c…

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Episode 38: Ross James

Aug. 1, 2017

Sometimes you have to go a long way from home and try things way out of your comfort zone, to ultimately reach your goals…. that’s the case for Ross James a Bay Area guitar and pedal steel player who grew up listening to punk rock and country in his home state of Michigan. He left shortly after hig…

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Episode 36: Brian and Cam of Spafford

July 9, 2017

It’s hot in Arizona these days and we’re not exclusively talking about the weather. Spafford a four piece rock act out of Phoenix are catching fire. Since 2012, they’ve been making a name for themselves the old fashioned way, touring extensively. Initially in the south western United States and now…

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Episode 35: Dave Schools

July 5, 2017

In case you don’t already know, Hard Working Americans is an all-star cast of characters fronted by Todd Snider, that also includes Daniel Sproul, Chad Staehly, Jesse Aycock, Duane Trucks and Dave Schools. We recently sat down with bassist and producer extrodinaire, Dave Schools fresh off Widesprea…

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Episode 33: Eric Krasno

June 20, 2017

You’ve heard his incredible work, in Soulive and before that Lettuce, but perhaps you don’t know enough about Eric Krasno.  He has risen to become a sought after Grammy award winning writer and producer that plays with virtually everyone on the jam scene. When he’s not hanging with Aaron Neville, 5…

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Episode 31: Reed Mathis

June 10, 2017

Since his debut record for this project “Beathoven” put out, Reed Mathis has assembled a hot band dubbed Electric Beathoven and taken his latest project on the road. To be clear, Electric Beathoven is an improvisational rock band that is guided by the works of Beathoven and for the debut record the…

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Episode 30: Dave Brandwein of Turkuaz

June 8, 2017

Describing Turkuaz as a pure funk band doesn’t do the musicians in this band enough justice, they play it all. Favorites on the Jamband Festival scene, these guys know how to bring the party wherever they go. I had a chance to sit down with Dave Brandwein the front man for the group just before the…

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Episode 28: Steve Kimock

May 27, 2017

The aptly named “Kimock” is the current muse of guitar magician Steve Kimock and includes his son John Morgan Kimock on drums, long time collaborator Bobby Vega on bass and Leslie Mendelson. It was a gigantic thrill to sit down with Steve to catch up on his goings on and to pick his brain on a vari…

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Episode 24: Neal Casal of Chris Robinson Brotherhood

April 19, 2017

I sat down with Neal Casal guitar player extraordinaire for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood to get his take on what the Betty Blends project, an update on CRB’s forthcoming release and a few other items including information on a potential new Circles Around the Sun release. We started though talkin…

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Episode 23: Jamie Shields of the New Deal

April 17, 2017

I would imagine innovating a sound, or rather pioneering a sound and then making your own by mastering it night after night can be a tiring task. That isn’t to say The New Deal, a live electronic band got bored of what they were doing, rather, they decided to improvise another career path. So in Ap…

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Episode 22 - Tom Hamilton Jr. of American Babies and JRAD

April 10, 2017

I’ve been following the trajectory of Tom Hamilton’s career ever since his Brother’s Past days in the late 90s back at the Wetlands in New York. Since that time he has moved on to form a new band American Babies and is one of two guitar players and vocalists in Joe Russo’s Almost Dead . I’ve always…

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Episode 21: Col. Bruce Hampton (Retired)

April 4, 2017

If there was ever a musician’s musician, a spiritual leader for the likes of Phish, Blues Traveler, Derek Trucks and the like, that individual is Col. Bruce Hampton (Retired). He has had a storied music and movie career, and is absolutely a genius for those who know and understand. His tutelage and…

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Episode 20: Brook Jordan of Twiddle

March 28, 2017

Imagine living in the shadows of the world’s premiere jambands. That’s the case for Twiddle who hail from Vermont and often compared to Phish pioneers in the improvisational jamband scene. The truth though, is that the only thing worth of comparison is the extensive touring and playing the bands do…

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Episode 19: Mike Gantzer of Aqueous

March 23, 2017

Show opens with an interesting take on The Grateful Dead’s Bertha. Though they are relatively fresh on the jamband scene Aqueous has quickly built up a reputation as a solid groove band who has toured and played many festivals around North America. Hailing from Buffalo New York, the quartet has sha…