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June 4, 2021

The Infamous Stringdusters

The Infamous Stringdusters

It’s not terribly shocking that a band like the Infamous Stringdusters would go back to their roots, and put together a compilation of Bill Monroe tunes. I get it, he’s the founder of Bluegrass, and they are part of the group that is carrying the torch forward. What is confusing though, is that Monroe was a mandolin player, and the Dusters are without a mandolin player, opting for other cool instruments like the dobro and fiddle. I mean being a quintet is limiting. At any rate, a Tribute to Bill Monroe is filled with 7 great tunes, and I for one hardly miss the mandolin. I caught up with a busy Andy Falco, the Dusters guitar player and vocalist, to get a better understanding about this project. The conversation started when I discussed the idea that bluegrass has always been steeped in cover songs and the evolution of traditional songs along the way. 

First Song: 00:14: Old Dangerfield

Interview Begins: 04:04

Extro Song: 30:50: Travelin' Down This Lonesome Road

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