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Episode 25: Ori Naftaly of Southern Avenue

Though they aren’t a household name yet, I predict big things for Southern Avenue, a Memphis based Blues, R&B, Gospel, Soul quintet, who have burst on the scene virtually out of nowhere. While their sound is tried and true, their story is a little less conventional. You just don't get signed to Stax without having undeniable songs and chops.  I sat down with Ori Naftaly to get the goods on Southern Avenue and their quick rise……

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Episode 24: Neal Casal of Chris Robinson Brotherhood

I sat down with Neal Casal guitar player extraordinaire for the CRB to get his take on what the Betty Blends project, an update on CRB's forthcoming release and a few other items including information on a potential new Circles Around the Sun release. We started though talking about what it's like to work with the legendary Betty Cantor Jackson.... 

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Neal is an incredible photographer as well. Worth a follow on Instagram! 

Neal is an incredible photographer as well. Worth a follow on Instagram

Episode 23: Jamie Shields of The New Deal

I would imagine innovating a sound, or rather pioneering a sound and then making your own by mastering it night after night can be a tiring task. That isn’t to say The New Deal, a live electronic band got bored of what they were doing, rather, they decided to improvise another career path. So in April 2011 after 12 years of playing hundreds of show, they took a collective deep breath and went away to work on other projects. Since that time, they’ve recorded and played a few festivals and continue to jam together now in a retooled incarnation, with being inventive and fresh still their motivation. I caught up with Jamie Shields the keyboard player for a the New Deal to get the scoop on their current goings on….

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Episode 22: Tom Hamilton Jr. of American Babies and JRAD

I’ve been following the trajectory of Tom Hamilton’s career ever since his Brother’s Past days in the late 90s back at the Wetlands in New York. Since that time he has moved on to form a new band American Babies and is one of two guitar players and vocalists in Joe Russo’s Almost Dead . I’ve always heard he’s fairly outspoken about the music he makes and the general jamband scene and was excited to talk to a young veteran of said scene about all his current projects including American Babies, Electron and of course JRAD.

This episode is 57:01 minutes long and includes a great version of Reuben and Cherise at the end from Joe Russo's Almost dead 12-31-16. 

Episode 21: Col. Bruce Hampton (Retired)

When I first started listening to and learning about some of the early jambands in the early 90s like Phish, Blues Traveler, and Widespread Panic, members of each pointed to their spiritual leader Col.Bruce Hampton. While he certainly isn't a house hold name the beloved Col. Is responsible for finding many prominent members of the current scene including Oteil Burbidge and Jimmy Herring. His biography reads like a who's who of music and dates back to being friends with Duane Allman. When I had a chance to sit down with the colonel I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, and we indeed got into all kinds of topics including politics, music, baseball and more.

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This episode is 29:01 long

Episode 20: Brook Jordan of Twiddle

Imagine living in the shadows of the world's premiere jambands. That's the case for Twiddle who hail from Vermont and often compared to Phish pioneers in the improvisational jamband scene. The truth though, is that the only thing worth of comparison is the extensive touring and playing the bands do. Both have their own community, musical style (funk, reggae, bluegrass, rock) and sensibilities. I sat down with Brook Jordan, Twiddle's drummer to learn more about the band, and get his take on the comparison. 

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Episode 19: Mike Gantzer of Aqueous

Though they are relatively fresh on the jamband scene Aqueous has quickly built up a reputation as a solid groove band who has toured and played many festivals around North America. Hailing from Buffalo New York, the quartet has shared the stage with the likes of Umphrey’s McGee, Twiddle and others. Kind of makes sense when you consider they are rooted in prog rock and bands like Pink Floyd and other classic rock bands. . I sat down with Mike Gantzer to learn about the band’s formation, and overall story….. 

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Episode 18: Jeff Mattson of Dark Star Orchestra

The Dark Star Orchestra in it's 20 year existence has become the premier Grateful Dead tribute band. Playing a show from the band's history each night, has rekindled a fan base's love for the music and it's community. Jeff Mattson has played the role of Jerry Garcia for 7 of those years. We sat down and talked to Jeff about his role and a whole lot more.

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For more on Dark Star Orchestra's 6th Annual Jubilee click here

Episode 17: Derek Trucks

Given his lineage, prowess and ability, it's no surprise that teaming with his equally gifted wife Susan Tedeschi was bound to create an extremely rewarding project for Derek Trucks. 7 years in The Tedeschi Trucks Band has proven to be a musical tour de force (pun intended) and is now his sole focus. So when we sat down to talk about the Tedeschi Trucks upcoming live release Live from Oakland at The Fox which is also a must see film, I wasn't surprised that he's excited about where things are at....

Episode 16: Susan Tedeschi

When blues musician Susan Tedeschi joined forces with her ace guitar playing husband Derek Trucks to create the Tedeschi Trucks Band 7 years ago, it was a matched made in musical heaven all over again. With the Tedeschi Trucks Band set to release their second live album and first concert film Live from The Fox, Oakland, I had the opportunity to catch up with Susan and asked if things 7 years are going as expected....

Episode 15: Adam Chase of Jazz is Phish

Inspiration can come from all kinds of places. When Adam and his brother Matthew decided to put together Jazz is Phish, they weren't only inspired by the music of Phish, but also the Jazz is Dead project. The idea to bring a jazz sensibility to Phish's music seemed like a natural way to tackle the band they love and the music they make.

Conversation begins at 6:06 after "Ghost"

Show closes with "46 Days"

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Episode 14: Natalie Cressman

Natalie Cressman oozes talent. Whether she is playing trombone with the Trey Anastasio Band, guesting with the likes of Motet and Umphree's Mcgee or creating her own work she continues to explore and exceed in all kind of music. We had the very fortunate opportunity to sit down and talk with Natalie about her new Traces EP and a whole lot more. 

For more about Natalie and her awesome work, click here

Episode 13: Mars Hotel

It’s kind of cool, being great friends with a bunch of guys who share the same passion as I do for the music of the Grateful Dead. What separates Mars Hotel however from a mere mortal like me, is there ability to play music, and pay homage to that band. I had a unique opportunity to sit down with Josh, Larry, Mark, Jake, Jordan and Lorne after a rehearsal a couple of weeks ago. 

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For tickets for their April 8th show at the Mod Club in Toronto, click here

Episode 12: Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke

Blackberry Smoke are a band out of Georgia, that contend with an old notion that a band, of its stature needs to fit into some neat marketing box of yesteryear. Are they a country band? A rock band? A southern rock band? When I sat down with Charlie Starr the front man of Blackberry Smoke I was excited to hear that he defines them as a rock n roll band, who I suggest make a slew of great music, no matter the style or genre. We sat down and talked about their sound, their latest record "Like an Arrow", an awesome video they've down with Bob Weir and much more. 

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Episode 11: Rich Grossman of The Lizards

Living beyond the borders of where your favorite bands make and tour their music can be a touch annoying. Sure there are always opportunities to travel, but being able to hear the music you love with your community in your own town is also easiest. Those were the thoughts of Rich Grossman who fronts The Lizards, Canada's Premiere Phish Tribute Band here in Toronto.

Show opens with Twist -> 9:42 if you want to skip to the conversation and then go back. 

Episode 10: Marco Benevento

You may recognize Marco's name from his work with the Benevento/Russo duo, Joe Russo's Almost Dead and countless other projects. It's his solo projects that Marco Benevento though may be most excited by. When you are as accomplished as Marco Benevento is, making records and touring is just part of life. We sat down recently to discuss his new live record The Woodstock Sessions out February 17th. Since he's on the road with the trio he fronts we also talked about touring, his evolution as a musician and much more. 

You can learn more about Marco Benevento here

Episode 9: David Gans

Growing up, I was a radio nerd, and I spent countless hours listening to local stations but also spinning the tuner dial on my stereo looking for other sounds and storytellers. In the late 80s, I came across David Gans and the Grateful Dead Hour, on 97 Rock out of Buffalo. I was transfixed as much by the songs of the Grateful Dead as I was by Gans' stories and presentation. Since then my appreciation for the Grateful Dead has grown immeasurably and I've continued to follow Gans' career. Imagine my delight when I was able to get him for the podcast. Between the Grateful Dead Hour, his show on SiriusXM, Tales from the Golden Road, his books and hustling his own musical career.

You can check out David Gans music and musings here.

The Grateful Dead Hour has an extensive website and archive of show notes here.

Episode 8: Scott Metzger

Something awesome is happening in Brooklyn, and if you're a fan of great music, you'll want to pay attention.

Guitarist Scott Metzger, who has played with the likes of Phil Lesh and Trey Anastasio amongst others is one such individual and his talent knows no bounds. 

While he is a member of Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Metzger also fronts WOLF! a very cool trio who's instrumental tunes fuse a whole bunch of genres and ideas. VERY cool stuff. 

Episode 7: Richard James of Pink Talking Fish

Okay, I get this whole cover band thing, and I'm starting to get my head around the idea of mashups, but what I find absolutely incredible is this idea of mashing up three bands in a live setting. What's even more outstanding and a ton of fun is when those three bands are so distinctly different but all incredibly vital to rock history. That's the idea behind Pink Talking Fish a band from the New England area who fuse Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish in their sets. Yeah, I know....bizarre so I was psyched to get Richard James the keyboard player for band on the show.

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Episode 6: Scott Sharrard

Sometimes you have to be good to be lucky. I suspect that's the case for Scott Sharrard. While not a house hold name, this guy is well versed in the ways of rock n' roll having been schooled by some of the best musicians and music industry insiders. He is currently the music director and lead guitar player for the Gregg Allman Band, but that accomplishment is only the tip of the iceberg for this very talented man. 

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