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July 12, 2021

Kris from Umphrey's McGee

Kris from Umphrey's McGee

Umphrey's McGee’s forthcoming record is entitled “You Walked Up Shaking in Your Boots but You Stood Tall and Left a Raging Bull” and is due out July 17th. The instrumental album features 12 walk up or intro song the band has played, but now the tunes are codified and more structured. These are the sorts of projects you get to work on during a pandemic when the band can barely play or meet. I was and still am quite curious about what the band was up to the last 18 months.  So when I sat down within Kris Myers, the bands drummer, that’s where the conversation started when I asked what the band had been up to aside from practicing, demoing up songs, working on new material or just chatting. 

First Song: 00:14: Leave Me Las Vegas

Interview Begins: 03:47

Extro Song: 23:00: Catshot

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