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June 11, 2021

Reed Mathis - Part 1

Reed Mathis - Part 1

Winterwood out now on Royal Potato Records and available wherever you stream music, is one of the latest releases from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. What’s interesting though, is this album was buried and not even thought of since 2008. It’s an interesting story how this album and an additional 4 live albums have come to life. In fact, one could argue that if it weren’t for the global pandemic of the past year and a half, they may not have ever seen the light of day. I caught up with Reed Mathis, JFJO’s original bassist to talk about these latest releases, his tenure in the band and more. The conversation started when I asked Reed to remind us about the history of the band who blended all kinds of genres and styles to make very original music since they started in the late 90s. 

First Song: 00:14: Oklahoma Stomp

Interview Begins: 06:54

Extro Song: 59:05: Improv New York

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