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Nov. 19, 2021

Tom Hamilton Jr.

Tom Hamilton Jr.

Lacuna, is as much an ambient LP as it is a journey into raw improvisation from pianist Holly Bowling and guitarist Tom Hamilton Jr.. Sure, tracks on this new LP from the Ghost Light band mates could certainly be featured on one of your meditation apps, but in truth, these jams are far more exciting as a distinct piece of music that came together organically. You see Holly was visiting Philadelphia last summer while pregnant with her first child. With Tom’s new studio The Ballroom just recently completed, the pair found some time to just sit down and muck around. The results were so interesting that Tom and Holly decided to put their 46 minute jam out there for the world to enjoy as Lacuna. I caught up with Tom to talk about Lacuna, and as our conversations tend to do, we meandered and talked about a bunch of stuff including Ghost Light, More and of course Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. 


First song: Isosolost

Second song: Smile Pretty for the Camera

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