Feb. 12, 2021

Chris Pandolfi

Chris Pandolfi

Chris Panfolfi is the banjo player in The Infamous Stringdusters, but his latest solo project is a little different than what you'd come to expect from this newgrass stalwart. It fuses Chris' passion and playing of the banjo with his penchant for production. In all, it's a fascinating listen one that I'd encourage you to check out. We caught up with Chris to talk about the record, and a whole lot more. Our conversation started at the beginning though, when I asked Chris about what inspired him to play the banjo and who some of his influences are. For more on Trance Banjo and everything else Chris Pandolfi visit chrispandolfi.com

First Song: 00:14: Astral Plane

Interview Begins: 04:58

Extro Song: 38:00: Asleep at the Wheel of Fortune

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