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April 22, 2022

Max Davies of Kitchen Dwellers

Max Davies of Kitchen Dwellers

I can't think of better ambassadors for the state of Montana, at least musically then the Kitchen Dwellers. Their very old school blend of bluegrass combined with effects and crazy covers has always had me thinking that this was a cool band. Their third album, Wise River is a tribute to a Montana river that runs in the Southwestern region of the state and empties into Big Hole River. While they make Bozeman Montana home, about two hours away from Wise River, it's clear that the Kitchen Dwellers sonic palette is  matched only by the picturesque sites of their home state. 
I caught up with guitarist and vocalist Max Davies to talk about the forthcoming record, working with producer Cory Wong, and much more, including getting a sense of how they choose the covers that they add to their ever evolving sets. 


First song: Wise River

Second song: Stand at Ease

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