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Holly Bowling

Nov. 5, 2020

I had the chance to catch up with Holly Bowling yesterday ahead of her Wilderness show in Colorado, to talk about amongst other things her forthcoming record “Seeking All That’s Still Unsung” full of exclusively Grateful Dead songs and her piano interpretations of those songs and lots more. First S…

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Ace of Cups

Oct. 4, 2020

Everything old is new again. Back in the late 60s during the Haight/Ashbury scene of San Francisco, several bands emerged and caught fire. Bands like Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jefferson Airplane, and the Grateful Dead, all emerged from a scene of fantastic music, demonstrations, peace, l…

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Mik Bondy of The Garcia Project

March 27, 2020

For the uninitiated, The Garcia Project is the brainchild of Mik Bondy. The band, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary is a tribute to the Jerry Garcia Band and perform live versions of the JGB show from 1976 through 1995. They recently put out Spirit a collection of inspirational and spiritu…

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Holly Bowling

Aug. 15, 2019

We’re big fans of Holly since her debut of Tahoe Tweezer piano composition. For the uninitiated, Holly takes songs by both Phish and The Grateful Dead, transcribes each members parts and then builds out a new composition where she plays everyone’s parts. It’s phenomenal stuff. Aside from her solo w…

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Episode 182: Big Steve Parish

March 4, 2019

We go back to 1968 in today’s episode with a central figure in Grateful Dead mythology, a member of the groups road crew, Big Steve Parish. Of course, if you’re any sort of historian on the Grateful Dead you are very aware of Steve’s place and role within the band. As you’ll soon hear, he not only …

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Episode 156: John Kadlecik

Nov. 22, 2018

John Kadlecik has been on the show before and we always enjoy welcoming such a talented guy. We were absolutely blown away by his new solo record On The Road, not only because of the tunes but because the time and care John put into tracking the record. The whole record is tremendous, and I would e…

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Episode 123: Dan Horne of Grateful Shred

July 31, 2018

The emergence of Grateful Dead tribute bands, both locally and nationally, indeed internationally is at an all time high. Between members of the Dead playing the repertoire they made famous, to acts like DSO, JRAD, and others more locally like Mars Hotel and Barely Dead. The music lives on and has…

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Episode 117 : Joel Selvin

June 28, 2018

On August 9th, 1995 the world learned that Jerry Garcia, the once jovial, uber talented leader of the Grateful Dead had passed. Following that was a performance of the Walkin’ Blues, the second song of the set that night. What unfolded for the 20 or so years following that night, has long been the …

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Episode 112: Mik Bondy of The GarciaProject

June 12, 2018

The Garcia Project performs full set lists of classic Jerry Garcia Band shows and is fronted by Mik Bondy, a “Jerry Head” to say the very least. The tone and spirit of the Jerry Garcia Band is what the Garcia Project pride itself on. We caught up with Mik on the road, as he usually is, to talk abou…

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Episode 110: Grateful Dean (Dean Sotille)

June 6, 2018

With well over 350 Grateful Dead, and Dead related shows under his belt, Grateful Dean as he’s known online brings a fresh, genuine and often hilarious take to the official home of unofficial Grateful Dead and Music News. In our candid conversation Dean gives us a bit of his background, and explain…

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Episode 107: Rob Barraco of Dark Star Orchestra

May 23, 2018

Dark Star Orchestra’s 7th annual Jubilee goes this weekend in Thornville, Ohio. Luckily for us ,we caught up with Rob Barraco just before the Buffalo show, the last show before the Jubilee. We asked Rob about his tenure with DSO, the Phil Lesh quintet and mastering the parts of four iconic keyboar…

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Episode 99: Brett Wilson of Roots Of Creation

April 26, 2018

If you aren’t familiar with Roots of Creation they are a reggae rock outfit in the vein of Sublime or Dirty Heads, so indeed a Grateful Dead tribute, while a reggae one is a touch far fetched for the genre, this one sounds really terrific. I recently caught up with Brett Wilson frontman of Roots of…

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Episode 97: Jerry Garcia Before The Dead With Dennis McNally

April 19, 2018

Many of us know Jerry Garcia, as the frontman of the Grateful Dead and the spiritual leader of the Deadheads. But his story doesn’t nearly begin with the Mother McRee’s Uptown Jug Champions, the acid tests or even the goings on at 710 Ashbury Street. His passion for music and his ability to play at…

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Episode 68: Red Roses, Green Gold with Director Rachel Klein

Dec. 15, 2017

You’ve been listening to parts of Touch of Grey, Truckin’, and Ripple taken from the musical Red Roses, Green Gold which features the music and lyrics of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. The musical has been getting rave reviews from both Deadheads and typical theatre goers alike, and so we thought,…

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Episode 61: Bob Minkin

Nov. 13, 2017

While we have the memories and the music, the fact that so many great moments in our scene’s history have been captured on film in photos is another added bonus. More to the point, those that continue to document the ebbs and flows of the scene in photographs are doing incredible work. Thats the ca…