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July 2, 2021

Ryan Stasik of Doom Flamingo

Ryan Stasik of Doom Flamingo

Doom Flamingo, is a synthwave band out of Charleston, South Carolina. Sure, it’s been a while since we spent a lot of time with synthwave, but what makes this band’s story a little more intriguing for our community, is that Umphrey’s McGee bassist Ryan Stasik is an active participant in this band’s rise. In fact, as you’ll soon hear, this was a kind of make work project for Ryan who was looking for people to jam with when he was off the road and home. We caught up with Ryan ahead of the band’s set at this weekends Peach Festival to talk about the newly released Flamingo EP, the talented band and even a little Umphrey’s McGee. The conversation started when I suggested to Ryan that Doom Flamingo’s story starts back in 2012 when The Stasiks moved to South Carolina…. 

First Song: 00:14: The Best

Interview Begins: 04:41

Extro Song: 20:55: Michelle


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