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March 13, 2023

Krasno / Moore Project

Krasno / Moore Project

I first heard about the Krasno/Moore project featuring guitarist Eric Krasno and drummer Stanton Moore a few months ago when I was talking to Kras about King Canyon. This project is an organ trio that also includes keyboard player Eric Finland. While Kras and Stanton have played together and collaborated live, up until now they’ve never recorded together. 
Their forthcoming record Book of Queens out March 17th, is filled with contemporary covers and classic tunes original created by well known female singers. The Krasno/Moore project re-invents these tunes for their trio, and the results are impressive. I had the chance to catch up with Stanton Moore a few weeks ago before the trip made their first few live dates in this configuration. 

You can hear my interview with Krasno from January here:

If you’re interested you can listen to a live Krasno/Moore Project performance here:

Shout out to Rich Stoler for a great taping job and mix. 


First song: Lost Cause

Second song: Stay High

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