Aug. 30, 2020

Wood And Wire

Wood And Wire

Wood & Wire are a special kind of bluegrass band, who stretch the boundaries of what they do beyond typical bluegrass music. Sure there are others that do the same, but Wood & Wire offer something more unique in terms of song structure and style. I suspect that even if you weren’t a typical bluegrass fan, you’d enjoy their music, because it pays homage to so many other genres. That’s what first got me into the band a few years back when I heard North of Despair and had Tony Kamel on the podcast. So I was excited to hear about a new album, and then once I heard it needed to talk shop once again with him. So we caught up, to talk about the new album, the song writing process, special guests and even a little baseball. Seriously check out the new record No Matter Where it Goes From Here, wherever you stream music and for more on Wood & Wire visit

First Song: 00:56: John

Interview Begins: 03:45

Extro Song: 39:35: Roadie's Circles (feat. Peter Rowan)

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