As you know we’ve been toiling in Bluegrass music of late, and when we came across Billy’s music we had to get him on the show. While he is a pretty young cat, and started in the business as somewhat of a prodigy, he has a very mature sound to his voice and his playing, his flat picking in particular is off the charts. We caught up with Billy on the road, where, he spends a lot of time. Billy not only brings a maturity to his music and to the bluegrass genre with a very fresh take, but he also has a ton of knowledge about those who have come before him, and his role within that ecosystem. You’ll want to visit for more on his music and his tour dates. We’re pretty psyched to follow what happens with King and Strings at the Rooster Walk festival, and we’ll be sure to pass that information along from our Facebook page.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:33 – Meet Me At The Creek

**Interview Begins:** 10:14

**Extro Song:** 39:12 – Turmoil & Tinfoil

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