When we caught up with Devon Allman a few months back, he was all jazzed about his new project, and getting to share the stage with Duane Betts in the Devon Allman Project. We’ve been playing tag with Duane on Instagram ever since, and we finally had the chance to sit down and chat. Dude is busy with gigs on both American coasts. For those who don’t know, Duane is quite an accomplished musician, having played and sat in with countless bands, and his own outfit The Pistoleers. He brings an eclectic rock n’ roll sound that spans the genres, but there is absolutely no mistaking his guitar playing and now his singing. We spoke to Duane about carrying on his dad Dickie’s legacy, making music with Devon Allman, and of course his own projects. As you’ll soon hear he has a lot to say about it all. You can follow or find Duane on Facebook or Instagram where he is a terrific follow.

Interview Begins: 00:14

Extro Song:  27:49 – Taking Time