Samantha Fish launched her career in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. She has cemented her place amongst up and comers in the blues world, and has begun branching out, playing other genres quite capably. That’s the thing these days, its hard to pigeon hole artists in one spot, and quite frankly as you’ll soon hear, they don’t necessarily want to placed in one specific bucket. She is a go getter, on the road, gigging and making a name for herself, as an original artist. When we caught up with Samantha, I asked about riding the wave of excitement that is certainly building around her….

Here are some gorgeous pictures of Samantha we took at her recent gig at the Sinclair in Boston.

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Show Notes:

First Song:  00:47 – Belle Of The West (taken from Belle of the West)

Interview Begins: 04:12

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Extro Song:  19:52 – Daughters (taken from Belle of the West)