I think you’ll agree that Sister Sparrow’s voice is absolutely incredible, and this songstress’s past efforts with her band mates the Dirty Birds have all been awesome soulful efforts. This record though, GOLD, marks a change, having written all of the songs with a team of writers including producer Carter Matschullat and not the band. The album, recorded in Brooklyn at Matschullat’s studio DOOM, is a bit of a departure with a strong pop and hip-hop influence. We sat down with Arleigh AKA Sister Sparrow to get the low down on the record and her plans moving forward. We really dig the new sound, and still find time to listen to some of her older material which you definitely check out wherever you listen to music. For more on Sister Sparrow, you can visit her website at sistersparrow.com.


Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:45 – Gold
**Interview Begins:** 03:40
**Extro Song:** 21:00 – Ghost