Been So Long is the title of Jorma’s recent autobiography available from St. Martin’s Press. The memoir is filled with delicious stories from this one time Jefferson Airplane guitarist, who now, 77 years young continues to perform with his pal Jack Casady in Hot Tuna, and as a soloist. Jorma’s life is fascinating and his anecdotes match the great stories of his very early days to more contemporary ones. I should mention that we recorded this interview, a week before Jefferson Airplane co-founder Marty Balin’s passing. I can tell you, that he was exuberant to talk about his book and story even before we started to record. You can learn more about Jorma at his website, which also houses his blog at

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:45 – Been So Long

**Interview Begins:** 04:32

**Extro Song:** 45:36 – Walkin’ Blues