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Mike Mattison

I first heard Mike Mattison’s voice, like so man my of us did, listening to Derek Trucks Band records, but truly, the break through was a song called Sweet Inspiration. But Mike is more than just a singer as his now with the Tedeschi Trucks Band, he is a musician, a songwriter, an incredibly talented artist. He’s made records with a project called Scrapomatic, which is, as you’d expect rooted in blues, but After Glow a solo record,  shows his breadth as a songwriter, and the palette of sounds at his disposal. After Glow, his second solo record offers more than what you’d probably expect. It’s filled with Americana, Country and more, giving us some insight into the singer songwriter and artist Mike actually is.

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Shira Elias

You may not instantly know the name Shira Elias, but you will recognize her voice from her work with Turkuaz, and while that is an important piece of her career, her new solo EP Goods is her big focus right now. The EP will be released May 29th and available wherever you listen to music, is inspired by her time in New York and in many ways represents a career path she had always intended. She teamed up with producer MEGA to create a 6 song EP that is soulful, personal and harkens back to the kind of music she grew up listening to. For more on Shira Elias' solo work, follow her on Instagram at shirashirabangbang.

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Pacific Range

Pacific Range are a new band out of Los Angeles that we are really digging. In fact, their new album High Upon the Mountain is one of our favorite records of the year so far, and for good reason. The band's sound is a throwback to stuff we really dig, like the Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead, The Byrds, and Crosby Stills and Nash. The four piece uses harmonies, sweet grooves, and great guitar licks, to bring you into a very laid back west coast vibe. All kinds of people we have talked to in the past were involved in the project so we were stoked to learn more about the band. So we contacted Curation Records, a new label also out of LA and got in touch with Seamus Turner, the band's principle songwriter, vocalist and lead guitar player.For more on Pacific Range visit 

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Erick "Jesus" Coomes of Lettuce

For many, like myself, Lettuce are one of the favorite bands in the Jam Band community. They are this massively awesome hybrid of funk, jazz, soul, R&B, hip-hop and much more. The truth is, the band is almost impossible to categorize, but many put them in the funk category. And if it's funk that you're after Lettuce delivers on every version of funk imaginable. It's the jams, the horns, the tight rhythm section, all of it, is just outstanding. They've been sitting on this gem of a new album for a couple of months now, but I can tell you, having listened to Resonate in its entirety a few times, it delivers where their Grammy award winning Elevate left off, and in many ways, goes deeper and farther. It's that legit. We've had several members of Lettuce on the show before including Ryan Zoidis, Adam Dietch and Eric Benny Bloom, but it was time to hear from Jesus, Erick Coomes this go around, and our conversation was just great. To learn more about Resonate, hit up and do make sure you grab it on May 8th. 

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Andy Frasco

Andy Frasco’s story has been well documented. His live antics are well known. But behind all of that is a gentle guy who deals with depression, insecurity and much more. On his last album Change of Pace, we were all exposed to his personal struggle and on Keep on Keepin’ On that very authentic human condition is exposed once again. He is an excellent showman, front man and prolific digital media content maker, but he is way more complex than all of that. So though he isn’t currently on tour, he is still putting out his podcast, a weekly live stream and tons of content. When Andy and I hooked up and got to talking I was curious to understand how he finds the time to do everything.

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We’ve been in the Goose hunt for quite some time. In fact, back in 2018 both Peter and Rick joined us to talk about the band and their opening slot on Spafford’s spring tour. Ever since then, we’ve been heaping tons of praise on them and scurrying around to find their music, buy their music and share their music with you. Today, the guys release their first live record, a collection of tunes from the past year, a really important time in the bands evolution.  “Alive and Well” is more than just a compilation. It’s a really solid collection if you’re a fan, but also extremely accessible for people new to Goose. We caught up with Peter, Rick, Trevor and Ben to talk about a bunch of topics, and as you’ll hear, they were candid and somewhat humbled by their current circumstance as being one of THE bands on the scene right now.

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Leslie Mendelson

We're big fans of Leslie Mendelson. She is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter who is quite talented and varied in her presence in various scenes both in and out of the jam band community. She's played with Bob Weir at TRI Studios, worked on a project or two with Steve Kimock, and has opened for The Who in NYC at MSG. Her debut release was nominated for a Grammy, and her follow up Love and Murder remains one of our favorite albums since we started this podcast. Now she is set to release "If You Can't Say Anything Nice" which delves a little deeper into the human condition, more specifically hers, and offers up a fairly eclectic view of her as an artist. So, of course, we had to get Leslie on, to talk about the new record, cause we dig it quite a bit. 

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Jon Lovero from The Higgs

We’ve had John Lovero of The Higgs on before and in the time since, their prominence as more than just an LA jam band has certainly grown. They’ve added new management and have opened for Twiddle and other well known Jam Bands on the scene. Rose Will Fall is an unbelievable mix of live music from The Higgs. Exciting stuff ahead for The Higgs and you know we’ll be following their story and bringing you updates as we hear or get them. For more info visit