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Aug. 13, 2020

Allman Betts Band

Allman Betts Band

I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Devon Allman and Duane Betts both individually and together both on the phone and in person. Each interaction has been totally cool, as both dudes are extremely cool and so knowledgeable and creative. It’s a testament not only to their lineage but likely more importantly insight into their love of their craft and this project that while still exciting isn’t as fresh as it once was. On August 28th the Allman Betts Band will release Bless Your Heart only a year since their debut Down to the River. Bless Your Heart though their sophomore album is hardly sophomoric. It is filled with a series of great tunes, performances and great vibes. What more can you ask from this seven piece outfit that’s fronted by two solid individuals. 

First Song: 00:56: Magnolia Road

Interview Begins: 06:10

Extro Song: 41:46 - Pale Horse Rider

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