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Oct. 18, 2021

Wade MacNeil of Dooms Children

Wade MacNeil of Dooms Children

I get all kinds of pitches regarding guests for the podcast. I also pour over hundreds of hours of music that’s sent to me. So when a publicist sends me a press release about a hardcore artist who has recently had a musical epiphany and is listening to the Grateful Dead while going through the roller coaster of life and recovering from addiction, I’m obviously intrigued. What makes this story even more unbelievable for me, is that Wade MacNeil, the artist who has created and fronts the Dooms Children project, lives here in Toronto, and at no time ever did I think a member of post punk hardcore outfit Alexisonfire or The Gallows would ever find his way on to our show. I mean, if anything, his band mate Dallas Green who is also City and Colour would be a better fit for the kind of music and musicians we feature on this show. Having said all that, I was intrigued enough by Wade’s story and his cover of Friend of the Devil, to get him on the line to talk more about the project.

First song: Friend of the Devil

Second song: Flower Moon

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