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April 23, 2021

Ivan Neville of Dumpstaphunk

Ivan Neville of Dumpstaphunk

Dumpstaphunk have been honing their brand of New Orleans funk for the past 17 years. Of course it helps that Ivan and Ian Neville both have the sound in their bloodlines, but this entire outfit is more than just the sound of funk past, it's actually way bigger than those original roots. On their latest record Where Do We Go From Here, the band shows off its prowess in a pot pourri of genres and blend sounds for a fiery hot 4th record that not only packs a sonic punch, but is also politically charged. I caught up with Ivan Neville, which as you can imagine was a total thrill to talk about the new record. Our conversion begun when Ivan explained the bands expanded sound...

First Song: 00:14: United Nation Stomp

Interview Begins: 05:59

Extro Song: 27:39: Justice 2020

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