Growing up, I was a radio nerd. I spent countless hours listening to local stations but also spinning the tuner dial on my stereo looking for other sounds and storytellers. In the late 80s, I came across David Gans and the Grateful Dead Hour on 97 Rock out of Buffalo. I was transfixed as much by the songs of the Grateful Dead as I was by Gans’ stories and presentation. Since then my appreciation for the Grateful Dead has grown immeasurably and I’ve continued to follow Gans’ career. Imagine my delight when I was able to get him for the podcast. Between the Grateful Dead Hour, his show on SiriusXM, Tales from the Golden Road, his books and hustling his own musical career.


You can check out David Gans music and musings here.

The Grateful Dead Hour has an extensive website and archive of show notes here.