I’ve been listening to The Mother Hips out of the Bay area for almost as long as I can remember. Their studio albums particularly Pacific Dust where “One Way Out” comes from is amongst my favorites of all time. While they been at this music thing for about twenty five years, the last five or so years, since the release of the album Chronicle Man have been filled with personal challenges, and thus we haven’t heard much from the band. As you’ll soon hear from Tim, working on a new record was a cathartic way to deal with the curveballs he and his band mates faced. I’ve only heard bits and pieces of Chorus thus far, I can tell you I am eagerly awaiting its release, and you should be too! For more on the Mother Hips you can visit the.motherhips.com.

Show Notes:

First Song: 00:33 – One Way Out

Interview Begins: 04:00

Extro Song: 30:17 – Channel Island Girl