Jim Cuddy has been toiling in the music business for 35 years, for the most part as a key member of Canandian alt-country, country, folk-rock outfit Blue Rodeo. He has written and co-written some of the past few decades most loved and iconic songs, and brings a tenderness in both his words and performance that envelopes you and makes you feel right at home. He has been recognized by both peers and Canadians with several accolades and awards for his work. I’d suggest his true reward is continuing to work at an art he is so good at. He recently released his 4th solo record Costellations, his most eclectic effort yet, that continues his legacy of writing genuine and authentic songs that paint beautiful portraits of the human condition. I had the chance to catch up with Jim as he prepared to tour the record across Canada, and he was as warm and honest with me as he is in his work.

While we couldn’t play any of Constellations for you, you can in fact, get his latest record on your favorite streaming platform. For tour dates and more, you can visit jimcuddy.com.