I enjoy talking to solo performers, the singer-songwriter type, because there isn’t anything more genuine than a performer and their guitar. When you peel the layers of any song, ultimately it’s that individuals ability to connect with their audience through their words, and the way they play their instrument that makes a lasting impact. I’m often in awe of the process, as much as the performance. So it was a treat to connect with Grayson Capps a man who you will soon hear doesn’t take his craft too seriously, but is serious about what he does.

I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more of Grayson Capps but he might be the type of artist you have to seek out. I believe thats time well spent cause his music is just so great. For more on Grayson visit graysoncapps.com.

Show Notes: 

First Song:  00:37 – Scarlett Roses

Interview Begins: 05:00

Extro Song:  20:50 – Taos