Once in a while, we get thrown music our way, we play it, and sometimes are absolutely stunned about the great music that is being made everywhere. Once you hear Mapache’s self titled debut you will understand that they are the kind of band we love. The whole record is a throwback to that acoustic, harmonizing California sound made so popular in 60s by bands like Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Grateful Dead, Flying Burrito Brothers amongst others. Now if I tell you, the two guys in the band, Clay and Sam are barely in their twenties, you may wonder how they got to where they are. Who knows what the future holds for the dudes from Mapache, but I can tell you, I am psyched to see their story unfold, and listen to more great music.

For now head on over to mapachesounds.bandcamp.com to check out their music.

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Show Notes: 

00:41 – Mountain Song (From Spiritual Pajamas)

05:18 – Interview

41:36 – Chico River (From Spiritual Pajamas)