Back in September of last year we sat down with Mike and Dave from Aqueous on Episode 134 to talk about their album Color Wheel. It was their first in many years, and they were both really excited about their work on the record and were eager to go out and play their new material. Some 6 months later they released a compendium of live versions of Color Wheel songs, as part of the Element compilation series. While live shows have been available through, this third volume of Elements showcases their favorite live versions of Color Wheel tracks. We caught up with Mike Gantzer on the road, to talk about the release of Element 3, the Color Wheel tour and more. For more on Element III, Color Wheel, tour dates and more, visit

Show Notes:

First Song: 00:44 – Realize Your Light

Interview Begins: 9:4

Extro Song: 32:02 – Josie