When we were first were notified that Hayes Carll was releasing a new record, we needed to get in touch with him. He’s absolutely one of our favorite songwriters because he paints such vivid pictures and blends excellent words-smithing with a very dry sense of humor. That isn’t to say though that he doesn’t have a lot to say about the human condition, socio-political issues or love, what is true though, is that he does it in a very genuine and authentic way without ramming his perspective down your ears. “What It Is” is out February 15th, and when you do get a chance to hear the record, pay particular attention to his carefully crafted phrasing, tremendous use of language and indeed the vivid way he paints a picture. You can learn more about Hayes’ other recordings and his upcoming tour at HayesCarll.com.

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:43 – None’ya

Interview Begins: 5:03

Extro Song: 38:59 – Jesus and Elvis