We’re big fans of all of Cory Wong’s projects including his work with Vulfpeck, and had no idea until recently the physical and indeed mental crossroad he faced when he was just sixteen. Almost two decades ago, Cory suffered a concussive head injury which created a scenario where his right arm kept going numb. Unsure of what exactly was causing the numbness, doctors suggested that it was a blood clot that could potentially reach his brain, and ultimately kill him. His diagnosis was an ominous one, either he would die in a short amount of time or he would be fine. Luckily, his own gumption and perseverance guided him, and eventually the numbness and any thought of a blood clot faded. To learn more about The Optimist, and Cory’s upcoming tour schedule visit corywongmusic.com.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 01:35 – Jax

**Interview Begins:** 05:45

**Extro Song:** 61:19 – Light As Anything (Featuring Robbie Wulfsohn)