I’ve been following Rayland Baxter’s career ever since his debut Feathers and FishHooks, an album I wore out, if you could do such a thing to a CD or digital files. What I appreciate most about Rayland is his attention to detail in his writing regarding the human condition. His thoughts, are your thoughts, and while he is serious about his personal craft, he isn’t disjointed from the reality we all live in. I sat down with Rayland to unpack this new record, one I think you should listen to. “Wide Awake” is definitely one of my favorite records of the year thus far. The outstanding song writing is matched by the absolute magical production value and playing by the entire cast. For more on Rayland visit raylandbaxter.com.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 01:35 – Strange American Dream

**Interview Begins:** 06:00

**Extro Song:** 46:38 – Casanova