Oct. 1, 2020

David Shaw

David Shaw

The Revivalists are one of the most active straight ahead Rock n’ Roll bands out there right now. And while they aren’t a “Jam Band” per say as most of the bands are that we feature on this show, they do jam, and fit nicely into the southern rock, ethos. They have a very distinctive sound, and at the heart of that sound is their lead singer David Shaw. So to hear that he’s put out original material, of course I was intrigued. Luckily we were able to track down David, and we had a lovely conversation about making music, the Revivalists and more. Of course the conversation started when I asked if this solo project which will eventually lead to a full length record was part of the plan all along or if the forced Covid-19 hiatus created this opportunity.

First Song: 00:14: Shaken 

Interview Begins: 04:06 

Extro Song: 23:51: Promised Land

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