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April 29, 2022

Adam Weinberg

Adam Weinberg

The pandemic was no doubt a tough time for everyone. Being huddled in your home, away from socializing, going out with friends, or even attending shows. A glimmer of hope though for many was the absolutely awesome Phish covers fingerstyle guitarist Adam Weinberg and his daughter performed for us on social media. That's where I first came across Adam, and indeed learned that he was a talented musician in his own right, having put out solo instrumental records, and touring as Matisyahu's accompaniment for many acoustic shows. I reached out to Adam to thank him for the absolutely wonderful Phish covers. He immediately let me know that he was working on a solo record and wondered if I would be interested in talking to him about the project closer to release. Well, some months later, and a few weeks before the release of Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope, due out May 13th, I did indeed catch up with Adam and we talked about his album, his struggles with mental illness, and our mutual love of Phish.


First song: Quiet

Second song: Your Time

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