If you aren’t familiar with Roots of Creation they are a reggae rock outfit in the vein of Sublime or Dirty Heads, so indeed a Grateful Dead tribute, while a reggae one is a touch far fetched for the genre, this one sounds really terrific. I recently caught up with Brett Wilson frontman of Roots of Creation to talk about the project and it’s inspiration. I mean you can’t ask for a more genuine discussion around the motivation to pay homage to the Grateful Dead than that. It’s clear that this project was born organically and carried out with with a ton of love, a love and authenticity that continues as Roots of Creation take the package on the road. For tour dates and more visit rootsofcreation.com.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:44 – They Love Each Other

**Interview Begins:** 06:30

**Extro Song:** 38:05 – Shakedown Street Dub