Spafford is one of those bands, that I absolutely want to root for. They blend modern with the old, and create music that is both sonically appealing, but also a ton of fun. This band is the real deal. When I heard they were dropping a follow up to their self titled debut some six years later, I immediately contacted their manager and publicist to ensure we got the chance to speak to them, because I know, like me, you guys are certainly curious about what is going on. We recently spoke with Jordan Fairless, the bands bassist to get the inside scoop on the upcoming release “For Amusement Only”. For Amusement Only is absolutely a great record, but to fully experience Spafford sound you need to see them live. With several tour and festival dates this spring and summer, you definitely want to catch them on the road, or get their live releases at For more on the band, and that hectic tour schedule visit and don’t forget to pre-order For Amusement Only out May 4th.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:33 – Leave The Light On

**Interview Begins:** 04:43

**Extro Song:** 39:06 – Hollywood