One of the things I enjoy most about The Sound Podcast project is bringing you new artists and bands that are on the cusp of really big things. I spend a lot of time reading about up and coming bands on-line, and listening to all kinds of music. I’m kind of your filter for whats good, and what isn’t so strong. As for what’s good, I recently came across Ripe, a band based out of Boston, that combine rock, funk, and fun into a tight little package of lively songs. They also feature a small but powerful horns section, which contributes mightily to the band’s overall sound. Ripe recently began a 30 city plus North American tour, and have also released their first full length record, Joy in the Wild Unknown. I caught up with Robbie Wulfshon the band’s lead singer, to get the scoop on their sound, their aspirations, and much more. For more on Ripe visit and if you plan to see one of their shows, don’t forget to take a toy to the show for their toy drive.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:33 – Flipside

**Interview Begins:** 04:07

**Extro Song:** 24:18 – Downward

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