Truth be told when I first hit play on this record I was a touch confused. Matthew was dubbed as blues instrumentalist, who has played with Charlie Musslewhite, but what I heard was something totally different. A bit of a mind bender to be sure. You see, Matthew’s music combines all kinds of genres like garage rock, psychedelic rock, acid blues, and afrobeat. But a man with the talent that Matthew Stubbs brings to the table shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into any sort of genre. His guitar playing is tenacious yet melodic. He blends riffs with melodies and attacks you sonically with a bevy of takes. Actually, it’s a very refreshing record and if you listen right through, you’ll quickly find that he has created a great soundtrack for your day. Since the record has been out, I’ve enjoyed multiple spins, and the record itself has been lauded within the jam band community.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:33 – John Doe

**Interview Begins:** 02:55

**Extro Song:** 21:11 – El Segundo


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