Soulive has been a part of the quote unquote Jamband scene for quite some time now. The trio fuses hip-hop grooves, R&B melodies and jazz playing to deliver a unique sound onto its own. Each of them are terrific musicians and have gone on to busy careers in the larger music industry. Many of us have kept our eye and our ears on them, and have been waiting since 2012 for new recorded music from. They’d play the odd festival, their bowlive series at the Brooklyn Bowl each year, but the trio never committed any new music to recordings, as Soulive. Towards the end of last year, the trio went to Japan where they have a huge following to play some dates. While their they too came to the epiphany that they hadn’t recorded in some time. As the story goes, thats what got them back in the studio. Recently I sat down with drummer Alan Evans to talk about just that…. and thats how our conversation started. While, Cinematics Vol.1 is a great EP. I wish it was way longer. I am thrilled that they have developed a new formula for making music, and will hopefully make some time to record more.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:33 – Kings March

**Interview Begins:** 04:19

**Extro Song:** 26:00 – Hurry Up And Wait

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