The Sheepdogs’ sound is a familiar one, and this is a band that wears their influence on their sleeves, and don’t care. I’ve been following the career of The Sheepdogs for quite some time and we’ve shared many laughs along the way. Thats why I was excited to get bassist Ryan Gullen on phone to talk about their 6th studio album, and everything going on with them. Definitely blue collar types that love the music they write and play, and that genuine approach comes through in everything they do. If you’ve never heard of The Sheepdogs, you can check them out on all the music streaming services or at their website You’ll want to check out their touring schedule and be sure to see them when they hit your town.

Show Notes:

First Song:  00:15 – I’ve Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be

Interview Begins: 02:56