When I sit down each week to compile The Sound Podcast’s Weekly Mix-Tape playlist, the goal is always to find artists and songs that fit the general philosophy of music that we love. Meaningful, inspirational tunes, that are genuine in their creation, and authentic in their sound. Obviously the playlist is compiled from songs and artists that we already know and love, but sometimes, I come across a new artist that is new to me, that may in fact may not be new to anyone else. Such apparently was the case when we added Sugar Queen by The Band of Heathens last week. I didn’t realize at the time, that the band had quite a large following and through there 13 years of writing and performing music they had honed their craft into quite a career. So I was elated to sit down with Ed Jurdi to talk about his band, The Band of Heathens, to learn more about them, their inspiration, and a whole lot more.

For more visit bandofheathens.com, and do check them out when they visit your town, or on your favorite music streaming platform.

Show Notes:

First Song:  1:04 – Sugar Queen (Live)

Interview Begins: 06:04

Extro Song:  29:27 – Refugee (Live – Tom Petty cover)