You’ve heard all of the different terms for the new bluegrass music that’s popular amongst the Jam Band community, whether it’s new grass, progressive bluegrass, or jamgrass. Each of the bands in the re-emergence of this genre all bring a different flair to the table. The Yonder Mountain String Band, who have been at their craft since the late 90s have remained true to their original sound, though currently electrified. With Yonder Mountain String Band in town recently, I thought it only made sense to sit down and talk with two members, Jake and Dave about their sound, performing live, and much more.

We have a special photo gallery, of the Yonder Mountain String Band performance courtesy of Eric Fefferman Photography from their Lee’s Palace show November 5, 2017. Click here, to check it out.

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Show Notes:

00:42 – Deep Pockets – Recorded Live in Toronto on November 3, 2017

03:45 – Interview

25:18 – All The Time – Recorded Live in Toronto on November 3, 2017