When you do anything for 20 years with a group of people you spend a great amount of time travelling, sleeping, eating and working with, you begin to build not only a strong bond, but also a connection to whatever it is you are doing. Such is the case for Umphrey’s McGee one of the most talked about bands in the scene. With their 11th studio album due out in January, I had the opportunity to sit down with Joel Cummins to talk about about that record “it’s not us”, and their 20th anniversary. If you know Umphrey’s McGee, and know their music, you’re bound to agree that “The Silent Type” may be one of their most accessible songs to date. In fact “it’s not us” is filled with all kinds of music that really honed in on the band’s songwriting ability and musicianship. Joel Cummins has been with the band since day one, and when we sat down to chat the conversation naturally started with questions bout being together for 20 years….

You can learn more about Umphrey’s McGee at Umphreys.com.

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Show Notes: 

00:46 – The Silent TypeTaken from Umphrey’s McGee’s upcoming record “it’s not us”

04:14 Interview

40:26 RingoTaken from a live performance November 3rd, 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin