There’s busy, and then there is the Infamous Stringdusters who have already played 110 shows this year and have at least twenty more to go as they run up to a New Years Eve gig in Aspen, Colorado. Amidst this torrid pace, they are set to release a collection of songs, a follow up EP to their first Undercover EP. This one, is slightly more eclectic than the first, covering songs by Marvin Gaye, Daft Punk, The Allman Brothers Band, My Morning Jacket and… the Cure.

While they are a band certainly rooted in Bluegrass music, as you’ll soon hear, that is just a starting point to the kind of music the “dusters” as they are affectionately called want to make. I recently sat down and chatted with Andy Falco to get his take on the journey, the music and much more. Our conversation started when I asked if he envisioned sold out crowds and massive popularity in and outside the bluegrass community….

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00:47 – Just Like Heaven taken from Undercover Vol. 2

04:46 – Interview

43:26 – A Hard Life Makes A Good Song take from Laws of Gravity Live