While I’m not generally a Jamtronica fan, when Frames Per Second from Lotus hit my inbox I gave it several spins before reaching out to the Lotus team to get someone on the show. Actually, Frames Per Second was somewhat of a surprise for fans of this band, since they released it last week without the typical fan fare, build up, or hype that is assumed for new releases. I caught up with Luke Miller to talk about the new record and their plans for 2019. Really super interesting stuff, and I plan to get Lotus into more frequent rotation here at the studio. I really dig their vibe and the attention they pay to their craft. These guys are serious music nerds, and they work hard at what they do. From what I understand, their live shows are not to be missed, combining all kinds of awesome lighting to their high energy music. For more on Lotus check out lotusvibes.com.

Show Notes:

First Song: 00:45 – Cold Facts

Interview Begins: 8:21

Extro Song: 24:41 – Aquamarine