While John Medeski fronts Mad Skillet, an interesting four piece borne out of New Orleans jams, the project is certainly a sum of its of it’s parts. The band includes the under appreciated Will Bernard on guitar and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band rhythm section featuring sousaphonist Kirk Joseph and Terence Higgins on Drums. It’s a very cool project, one that I certainly would love to see live. I caught up with John Medeski fresh off a stint in Japan. I can’t begin to tell you what a thrill it was to talk to John, who is a freaking musical genius. Like you, I have been listening to Medeski, Martin and Wood since day one. Mad Skillet’s debut is a tremendous record, and when you do listen to it, make sure you tune everything else out, and pay close attention to the production, the instruments, and the passion with which each of the players play. Oh, and I know you will want to get up and dance. For Mad Skillet tour dates visit johnmedeski.com or find the band on Facebook.


Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:45 – Invincible Bubble

**Interview Begins:** 07:17

**Extro Song:** 35:03 – Adele