In 1972, Ray Charles released “A Message for the People”, a record, that combined his soul and R&B style with some distinctly country nuance. The album, now out of print is filled with really important, socially conscious songs delivered in a way only Ray could. Almost 50 years later, the stories of these songs still resonate, so much so, that the Band of Heathens decided to cover the album in its entirety, of course putting their own more modern, classic rock and country spin on it. We recently sat down with Ed Jurdi, to talk about A Message for the People – Revisited and its relevance today. Both A Message for the People and A Message for the People Revisited are two incredible albums you should check out. The former, the original from Ray Charles may be harder to find, but the Revisited record is available on all your favorite streaming services and of course to purchase at Band of Heathens continues to be one of my favorite bands out their on the road, and they are definitely worth checking out.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:45 – Hey Mister

**Interview Begins:** 04:54

**Extro Song:** 24:15 – America the Beautiful