Color Wheel is Aqueous’ first length album since 2014s Cycles, and though the band has released a few EPS, Live compilations and regularly release their live shows we haven’t had new studio music from them in quite some time. Actually the album is being released in waves with three tracks of ten each week. We recently caught up with Mike Gantzer and Dave Loss to talk about Color Wheel, touring and much more. We’re excited to hear more from Color Wheel and catch them live on the road during their fall tour. For more on Aqueous visit You should also check out the podcast “All in With Aqueous” from our Osirispod pal Myke “Memo” Menio.



Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:45 – Second Sight

**Interview Begins:** 07:22

**Extro Song:** 26:20 – How High You Fly