After talking to Grahame and Elliott of Midnight North about their new live record, I decided to check out where they were playing after Peach Festival. Turned out that they would be only 4 hours away in Canandaigua, New York, so technical producer Adam Karch and I hopped in a car and drove out to one of my favorite venues in North America. We indeed booked an opportunity to talk with members of Midnight North, and to our great amazement members of Twiddle. So picture it, me, Adam, and a roundtable that included Grahame, Ellliott of Midnight North, and Mihali, Gubb and Ryan of Twiddle. A few others interjected, but you get the basic idea. Our conversation started when I asked Mihali about hooking up with Midnight North a few years ago. For more midnight north info and dates visit, and for more Twiddle info visit

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:45 – Lost in the Cold

**Interview Begins:** 08:08

**Extro Song:** 27:39 – Eyes of the World