The Magpie Salute is somewhat of a supergroup fronted by Rich Robinson once of the Black Crowes along with former Crowes Marc Ford and Sven Pipien, John Hogg who played in Robinson’s Brown Hookah and Matt Slocum and Joe Migestro who have played on several of Rich’s solo projects. The band’s birth came accidentally, after a show in Woodstock, and has grown organically since. It’s a great record with familiar sounds and some new ones. They’ve been touring consistently since 2016, playing all kinds of music on the road. Though the record isn’t out for a bit, you will be able to catch The Magpie Salute on a series of dates through out the summer. You can check if they’re coming to your town at You can also purchase some of The Magpie Salute’s live performances at

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 01:35 – Send Me An Omen

**Interview Begins:** 05:19

**Extro Song:** 40:27 – Wiser Time (Live)