We’re big fans of the music Mungion makes. Whether its the blend of different styles of music, the general groove, or the fun lyrics, these guys are what jam bands should be about, FUN! Their 2017 ended with a bit of a thud, as you’ll soon here, but since the Winter of 2018 these guys have been gigging hard, and Live Fun Vol.1 is a compendium of some of the musical highlights of that tour. We caught up with friend of the show Justin Reckamp to check the pulse of the band coming off Summer Camp Festival last week, and to talk about Live Fun Vol.1 out now. Mungion’s complete tour schedule is available at mungion.com.

**First Song:** 00:45 – Basketball (Live)

**Interview Begins:** 05:03

**Extro Song:** 42:15 – Que Maste Tu Cabello > Scrambled Legs > Que Maste Tu Cabello Pt. 2 (Live)