Off the top of the show, you’ll hear Evermore off of Leftover Salmon’s latest release “Something Higher”. We wanted to highlight this track, specifically, because while listening to the record in the car with my daughters, I pointed out Eric Deutch’s tremendous piano playing. Real honest playing, without any digitization. Just authentic, emotional playing. With pop culture being so inundated with plastic garbage, its so refreshing to hear this kind of music, something that the guys in Leftover Salmon have been doing for 28 years. We caught up with Vince Herman, one of the grizzled veterans of the now 6 piece band, to get a glimpse into the making of “something higher”, Leftover’s place amongst their peers and much more.Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:45 – Evermore

**Interview Begins:** 07:04

**Extro Song:** 34:58 – House of Cards